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Atelier:  Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai 64

               2000 Antwerpen, BelgiĆ«


Phone: 0032 - (0)472 81 79 41

Onno Lolkema (Amsterdam, 31 mei 1979)

Born in Amsterdam. Moved to several small towns in The Netherlands in his youth. Studied Illustrative Design at HKU in Utrecht. Lived in Amsterdam for ten years. Worked odd jobs, did commissioned paintings. Tried out many different painting styles. Moved from acrylic paint to oil. Taught painting. Moved to Antwerp in 2017. Finally moved into his first big painting studio with room to set up several easles, which allowed him to work on several paintings at a time. Developed a personal approach to painting that incorporates everything he taught himself over the years. Joined a gallery. Keeps working. 

foto: Jeroen Keppens